October 26, 2023

Project Spotlight // Proctors Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant IFAS Rehabilitation

An MEB crew is currently working to remove approximately 9,000 cubic meters of IFAS Media from six treatment trains at the Proctors Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Chester, Virginia.

IFAS treatment systems use media within the reactor tank to promote biomass growth and enhance the treatment process. These systems improve the process’s stability and performance while expanding the system’s capacity within the same volume tank. The original IFAS system media at this facility has degraded over the years, and this current project is to replace the media and install a new, higher-performing IFAS system.

MEB and the plant operations team collaborated to implement a media removal strategy that allows the majority of the media to be removed while the plant can remain completely operational. No shutdowns will be required until a treatment train is scheduled for a complete IFAS system demo and replacement. The team is currently averaging around 250-300 cubic yards of media removal daily.

Once we have removed all media from Plant A, our team will begin media removal from Plant B while new IFAS equipment is being fabricated. Once the new equipment is delivered to the site, we will begin operations to demolish the old IFAS system in each train and install the new system and media. We will work in one train at a time, with a total of six trains to be completed.

By Peyton Hannon