cobbs creek reservoir, dam, and facilities

The Cobbs Creek Dam and Reservoir will provide sustainable water supply to Henrico County for 100 years, while protecting the environment. This project is designed to reduce overdrawing from the James River, helping to eliminate water shortages in the Richmond area during droughts.

cubic yards of soil

3.5 million


150 MGD

Reservoir Gallons

14.8 billion

72" Transfer Pipe

2,700 LF

Project Details

Cobbs Creek, the largest construction site in Virginia, is on track for completion in 2022. The project team will move approximately 3.5 million cubic yards of soil, cover 31 acres of wetlands, and flood 15 miles of streams to build the reservoir. The project includes a 165-ft-tall earthen embankment main dam, saddle dam, 150 MGD raw water intake facility, 150 MGD raw water pump station, Operations Building, 400 kW diesel engine driven backup power supply generator, approximately 2,700 LF of 72” diameter transfer pipeline and associated structures, boat launch facility, site improvements, electrical and communication improvements, site security, and maintenance equipment. When completed, raw water will be diverted to the reservoir from the James River when river flows are adequate. Controlled releases from the reservoir will be made when river flows are inadequate to support regional demands. The 14.8 billion gallon reservoir will be a key source of drinking water for the region.