November 1, 2022

MEB Continues Work at Norfolk Naval Shipyard with New P678 – Dry Dock 8 Saltwater System Project Award

Dry Dock 8 before its official opening in 1942. Credit: Hampton Roads Naval Museum

MEB is excited to announce that we will continue our service to NAVFAC and Norfolk Naval Shipyard with the recent award of the P678 – Dry Dock 8 Saltwater System project. This project will update and improve the saltwater piping and pumping systems for the 1,042-foot-long dry dock that officially opened in 1942.

MEB’s estimating and marketing teams worked for several months to prepare a best-value proposal with a total value of $168,758,300 and a construction period of 48 months. There are schedule constraints related to adjacent projects and the shipyard schedule that divide the project scope into two phases.

Phase 1 includes:
  • electrical upgrades around the dry dock
  • 4160V service modifications in Pump Well 8
  • main drain pump motor replacement
  • modifications to drain pumps in the pumpwell
Phase 2 includes:
  • replacement of Pump Station 6
  • replacement of Pump Station 8
  • Dry Dock 8 piping systems

1/3 – Pumpwell 8 Schematic Design // Phase 1

2/3 – Pump Station 8 // Phase 2

3/3 – Pump Station 6 Layout // Phase 2

This project provides another great opportunity for MEB crews to show our expertise in the installation of piles, sheeting, underground utilities, cast-in-place concrete, mechanical systems, and management of intense industrial work in America’s oldest shipyard.

Thank you to our dedicated teams in the office and out in the field that make opportunities like this possible.

By Peyton Hannon