africa exhibit

virginia zoo

The Africa Exhibit at the Virginia Zoo provided a wide range of new animals and exhibits that increased visitors and local community involvement. MEB worked with a wide range of artists to recreate natural habitats for lions, elephants, giraffes and more.

Project Details

This 10-acre outdoor animal exhibit was completed for the Virginia Zoo. This project included mass excavation, sheeting, and well point dewatering for the underground construction of two concrete pile-supported artificial rockwork moats. Site construction included earthen walkways, concrete pavement and sidewalks, perimeter fencing, manual and electrical gates for active and passive barriers, and irrigation systems. The project included boardwalks, landscaping, rerouting, extending, and new installation of all utilities. These specifically included storm, water, and sanitary sewers.  Building construction included CMU, structural steel, suspended slabs, housing labs, and administrative offices. Interior work included caging systems, hollow metal doors, specialty hardware, special coatings, HVAC, and electrical systems that included extensive site lighting.