September 22, 2020

MEB Awarded New HRSD Project

We are pleased to announce a new project for HRSD!

This project involves installation of a facility at the Nansemond Wastewater Treatment Plant in Suffolk, VA to receive FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) from indirect haulers. The facility will screen, decant, and process the FOG in a manner that will convert a portion to bio-fuel using the Greasezilla system. The decanted FOG water will be sent to the headworks for normal wastewater treatment and the remaining processed FOG will be sent to the digesters.

Our team is currently onsite completing the Nansemond Treatment Plant Influent Screen Replacement project.

Fun fact – In 2010, MEB completed the $40M expansion and upgrade at Nansemond WWTP.

By Anna McGrath