construct pump house and fuel storage

cannon air force base

MEB's geographical reach extended nearly to the West Coast on this fuel systems upgrade project. Our fuel systems team provided a full system upgrade to all components of Cannon AFB fuel storage and distribution system.

Truck Fillstand Islands

4 ea.

R-11 Refuelers

6 ea.

Project Details

This project included the construction of four truck fill stand islands equipped with four issue pumps, two offload pumps, emergency shut-off switches, current safety features, and a pump house control room with microprocessor controls. This project completed construction of a refueling unit parking area for six R-11 refuelers, and a distribution pumphouse with current safety and emergency features. The project also includes supporting utilities, site improvements, pavements, fire protection, communication system, protective fencing, outdoor lighting, cathodic protection, leak detection systems, spill containment, and all necessary support. The microprocessor controls were supported by two 5 KBBL above ground JP-8 fuels storage tanks with isolation valves, drains, and all other compliance appurtenances. Construction also included a backup generator, product recovery systems, receipt filter separator with product flow meters, and associated hardware. Construction also included a 13-person driver’s dispatch area and three offices adjacent to the pump house.