June 23, 2020

Resiliency – Protecting Our Communities

By Keni Patterson

The Ohio Creek Watershed Resiliency Project in Norfolk, VA is in full swing as we enter the summer months. This project will provide much needed flood protection improvements for two Norfolk communities.  For decades, the residents in the Granby Village and Chesterfield Heights neighborhoods have dwelt with the negative impacts of sea level rise and increase in large weather events.  Our team is providing construction management services to construct living shore lines, pump stations, and sustainable parks that will provide life changing quality of life improvements of residents and the environment.  The project includes upgrades to all underground utilities to provide improved services for the community.  Financing for this project has been provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the City of Norfolk.  Our team is working with Section 3 requirements and the City of Norfolk to provide opportunities for community residents and local small/minority businesses.

MEB is committed to making our communities and the environment better, one project at a time.